Top 7 Tips To Looking After Bleached Hair

Today I'm writing something a little different for you guys! A must-read for anyone who bleaches their hair, or has damaged hair in general.

Naturally, as some of you may be aware, my hair is a light brunette colour. However, over the last two years I have experimented with various shades of blonde, darker brunette and red. I think mixing up your hair colour can be really refreshing and I would definitely recommend it if you fancy a change in your appearance or you are entering a new chapter in your life.

Sadly, when I went blonde I noticed a massive change in my hair, other than it's obvious colour change. It became rougher, less manageable, and was visibly damaged. I loved being blonde, but I couldn't stand the new feeling of my hair, especially when it felt constantly soft and silky dyed red, for instance. But summer has prompted me to reconsider my position on blonde hair, and I have decided to get my hair dyed a brunette/blonde balayage. This time, however, I have done my research and know how to look after bleached hair, so this post will be a list of advice to do just that!

1. Silver Shampoo Is A Must
This one is not necessarily about revitalising the condition of your hair, but about the colour of your hair. When I was first blonde, I used to hate how brassy my hair was, and it felt like I could never quite achieve that ashy tone that are Instagram famous. However this time, after voicing this concern to my lovely hairdresser, she recommended using silver shampoo/conditioner in order to cancel out the brassy tones. And it worked. Apply a generous amount of this purple product all over your hair, leave for 5 minutes before washing out and your hair will immediately be transformed into that ashy shade in no time! Just be careful not to use this product for too long or too often, as it can leave your hair looking purple! (Though I secretly think that would be quite cool...)

2. Use Hair Masks
I received a hair mask in my May Birchbox, but at the time I had silky and healthy red hair, and so I didn't think it did much for me. However, when you bleach your hair it is important to use these, as they give your hair a much needed boost of moisture and nourishment. I would recommend using these at least once a week, but follow the product's label for clearer instructions of course!

3. Cut Down On The Shampoo
As someone whose hair is used to being washed every single day, this one can be quite hard to follow, as the action of washing my hair whenever in the shower is a habit for me. However, the less shampoo you use on it, the healthier your bleached hair will be. If you do have darker or natural roots still like me, I would suggest applying a bit of shampoo on your scalp area only, allowing the lather to fall down to the rest of your hair once you rinse it out. That way you can tackle the areas that need to be shampooed more directly.

4. Use Heat Protection Products
Most professionals suggest cutting down on or completely cutting out the use of any heat products, like straighteners and curlers, on your bleached hair. However, if these products are already part of your routine and you do not want to cut them out then it is crucial to use heat protection products to try to prevent additional damage to the hair. Sprays, such as my personal favourite Aussie's Miracle Recharge Lightweight Conditioning Spray, should be applied directly before heat products are used, and you should ensure it is evenly spread throughout your hair by brushing it through.

5. Conditioner Is Your New Best Friend
There isn't much to say on this one. Use conditioner. A lot of conditioner.

6. Hair Oils Will Not Let You Down
Though they can be expensive, hair oils can really give your hair a much needed boost, and I love to use these before a night out to revitalise malnourished locks. Moroccan Oil is my personal fave, and a little really goes a long way. Apply these on either damp or dry hair, but avoid placing too much of the product on the scalp area or it can make it look very greasy.

7. Make Regular Trips To Your Hairdresser
Just because your hair dye won't fade, like it would with a brown or red dye, you still need to go to the hairdressers regularly to deal with those split ends. Removing split ends will not only leave your hair looking neater, but it will also encourage growth, so if you're trying to grow out your hair this is an added bonus.

So these are my top 7 tips on how to look after bleached hair. Do you have any tips of your own? If so, leave them in the comments. Until next time guys!


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