Evening Makeup Routine - 20 Simple Steps

Rather than doing a makeup review, today I have decided to write up my makeup routine for a recent glam look I did. It is perfect for a night out or special event, or the steps can be altered to suit a more natural day time look. These 20 steps are a useful guide for beginners, and can hopefully provide some helpful suggestions or new tips for people with make up experience already. If you're interested, just follow these 20 simple steps:

1. Moisturise your lips with a lip balm.

This is a crucial first step to ensure that your lips have to time moisturise before you apply your lipstick. Otherwise you will end up with uneven and cracked lipstick which may prevent you from taking that perfect Instagram pic.

2. Moisturise your skin: I use No7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream Normal/Dry.

Choose your moisturiser based on your skin type. No7, for instance, do this day cream for different types of skin, such as Dry, Very Dry and Oily. Allow the product to soak in for 5 minutes to maximise its effectiveness.

3. Apply Anjou Hyaluronic Acid Serum.

This step is definitely not necessary, and one to miss if you're a beginner. However, serums do have many benefits for your skin, and this particular product also smells lovely. If you choose to apply serum, allow to dry it to dry before moving on to the next step.

4. Apply a primer: I use the Revolution Pro-Base Aqua Priming Base.

Primers essentially ensure your makeup will stay on for longer. The nice thing about this primer is that you can just spray it on, and avoid adding an additional layer of liquid products to your face. Ensure you spray evenly across the face for full coverage. Again, allow this to dry before moving onto the next step.

5. Colour correct your face: I use the Revolution Ultra Base Correction Palette.

This step is also not necessary for beginners, but you can really tell the difference once you've used colour correcting. The idea is essentially to cancel out any discolouration on your face, such as redness or dullness, in order to give you a more even skin tone. The application of colour correctors depends on skin type, therefore the suggestions I am about to give mainly apply to light skins tones. 

First apply the green colour (top row, third across) over any red areas such as the nose and chin. Rub the colour in a little on the edges so its blends with the skin, but not so much that the colour disappears. 

Then apply the pink shade (top left) under your eyes, adding the peach colour (bottom left) to the darkest parts of your under eyes if they are particularly dark. Repeat the partial blending.

6. Apply a cream contour: I use the Luxe Elixir Face Contouring Palette. 

Just like the colour correction, the application of contour cream heavily depends on the individual. This not only applies to the shades used, but also to the places you want to highlight and contour. The instructions I provide work well for my face shape, but may not for yours. Click here to work out how to contour according to your facial structure. 

I personally take the darkest shade in the palette (bottom right) and apply it to my cheekbones. I then take the second darkest shade (bottom middle) and apply it on my forehead, following my hairline. Taking the third darkest shade (bottom left), I apply it in lines dow the sides of my nose, under my chin, and a bit on my neck to ensure I don't have an obvious makeup line. However, don't blend the product in yet.

7. Highlight using a foundation lighter than your skin tone: I use L'Oréal Infallible Foundation in the shade Porcelain.

You want to apply this light foundation (without yet blending) to the space between your eyes and where you've applied your cheek bone contour, to the middle of your forehead, to the centre of your chin and in a line down the centre of your nose. 

Again, where you place your highlighter depends on how your face is best contoured, so follow the advice of guides specific to your face shape.

8. Apply foundation that matches your skin tone: I use Maybelline Fit Me! Foundation in the shade 105.

It is advised that your foundation matches your skin tone in order to look as natural as possible and to match the colour of your neck. Like the previous foundation, apply this without blending to the rest of your face, including your neck and over your lips. Applying foundation over your lips can help when applying lipstick as it allows the true colour of the product to come through, avoiding it being altered by your natural lip colour.

Now you need to blend all that makeup in. Use a beauty blender for the best results, though using a makeup brush can also work well, depending on the brush. Ensure that you blend in the lighter areas first so that you do not accidentally darken the lighter areas, which can happened when the darker foundation clings to your beauty blender/brush.

Allow your makeup to soak in fully before applying your powder by moving onto your eyebrows and eye makeup first.

9. Fill in your eyebrows: I use Freedom Eyebrow Pomade in shade Medium Brown and the Revolution Ultra Brow Palette.

Firstly, take the thin angled brush in the Revolution palette (or any brush that looks similar) and apply the Freedom Eyebrow Pomade in a thin line along the bottom of the brow, then another thin line of the top of the brow. Use the pomade to fill in the main brow in small, light strokes, following the natural direction of the brows. Try not to overdo the inner point of your brow so you can create a more natural looking brow.

Then use the powders in the Revolution palette to smooth out your brow, ensuring that it is completely filled in. Choose the shade closest to the colour of you eyebrows. 

This palette is really good as it also contains an eyebrow arch enhancing cream (top right) which you can then apply around the brow to ensure that it looks even, sharp and clean. 

You can then use the highlighter (below the enhancing cream) directly under your eyebrow, starting at the outer end of your brow and stopping at the highest point of your brow (or just to the outer half of your brow). Apply the highlighter sparingly in a thin strip so that it doesn't dominate the upper eyelid, particularly if you do not have a large surface area to work with, or if you have hooded eyes like me.

10. Prime your eyes: I use the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. 

Similar to a face primer, the purpose of an eyeshadow primer is to ensure that your eyeshadow stays in place for longer. Use the primer all over your lid, then blend it upwards toward the brow.

11. Applying the eyeshadow: for this look I use Revolution Fortune Favours the Brave Eyeshadow Palette.

To set your eyeshadow primer in place, apply a nude coloured base (third row, fourth across) all over the lids. This will prevent your primer from creasing. 

Next, apply a light brown shade (top row, second across) in and above your crease, but do not go all the way up to eyebrow. Blend this light brown shade in using your initial nude shade as a transition colour. 

Then add a deep plum-brown shade (fourth row, sixth across) onto the inner and outer corners of your lid, avoiding the middle section of your lid. Apply this shade sparingly at first as it is a dark and quite pigmented colour, then gradually add more, building it up to achieve whatever colour intensity your are looking for. Blend these out using your light brown colour as the transition shade.

Once this is all blended in, take a white eyeshadow colour  (second row, first across) and place it into the centre of your eye lid to brighten it up, blending in outwards into the plum shade to ensure that the white colour at the centre of your lid isn't muddied by the darker colour being swept onto it.

Afterwards, take a glitter or shimmery eyeshadow of your choice (either white or light gold will work great). I used Maybelline Colour Tattoo in the shade Eternal Gold.

Apply this eyeshadow/glitter to the middle of the lid on top of that white shade. Ensure this colour is blended out to avoid harsh lines. 

Finally, take the light brown shade you used earlier and apply it lightly to your lower lash line. You have now finished the eyeshadow!

12. Apply eyeliner: I use Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner in shade Black Chrome.

Use the smallest end of the applicator provided, or any other thin eyeliner applicator brush, to draw a thin line of the product from wherever you want your wing to start into the outer corner of your eye. Then draw a line from there to the highest point of your eye. Thin is the key word here as you can later apply more product if it is too thin, but if you draw it on too thick then it is much harder to solve this without messing up your eyeshadow. 

Draw the wing however you would like, you can look up tutorials on YouTube showing you how to do this if you are stuck, or if you want to try out a new look. Then if you want to enhance your eyeliner, continue drawing the line from the highest point of your eye to the inner corner, but again ensure this line is thin and close to the waterline.

13. Apply a waterproof eyeliner pencil on your lower lash line: I use Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Eye Pencil.

For this look, the best shades for your lower lash line are either plum, brown or black. Apply this to the waterline. It is very important that your eyeliner pencil is waterproof otherwise it will wash out very quickly.

14. Apply mascara: I use Doucce Punk Volumizer Masacara.

Before you apply your mascara, use some eyelash curlers to curl your lashes. Apply your mascara from the base of your lashes to the tips. For extra volume, apply a second coat. Then apply a little bit of mascara to your lower lashes.

15. Apply concealer under the eye: I use No7 Instant Radiance Concealer.

Now it is time to clean up the eye area! Take your concealer and apply it underneath your eyes in order to clean up any eyeshadow fallout. Apply the concealer with a small precise brush in order to draw a precise straight line under your winged eyeliner. This will tidy up the look and leave your eyeliner looking sharp.

16. Apply a mattifying powder: I use Maybelline Matte Maker Mattifying Power.

Now we're finally back to finish off the face! Firstly, apply a mattifying powder all over your face (excluding the eyes, of course!).

17. Use a powder contour palette: I use the Revolution Ultra Contour Palette.

Choose a shade for your powder contour that is slightly darker than your skin tone and roughly matches the colour of the area where you applied your cream contour earlier in this tutorial. I used the second shade on the bottom row. Apply this shade over the areas you have previously contoured to build upon that contour for a softer and more smoothly blended look. This will also keep your contour in place throughout the day. 

Then take the lightest matte shade in the palette (top left) and apply this over the areas that you applied your lighter foundation (reminder: under the eyes, centre of chin, centre of forehead, and a line down your nose).

18. Apply a blush: I use the Revolution Blush Palette, Blush Queen.
If you're using a palette, pick your favourite shade, then apply this lightly at first on the centre of your cheeks, brushing the excess towards your hairline, parallel to the contour line you have created. Blend the blush and contour lines slightly so that your cheek does not looked striped.

19. Apply a highlighter: I use the Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter in the shade Golden Lights.

Apply your highlighter above your blush in a C shape, starting on your cheek bone in line with the centre of your eye, and then sweeping around the outside of your eye, finishing on top of your eyebrow roughly at the centre of your eyebrow. Again, apply lightly at first and build the product up and, if necessary, blend any harsh lines in using a new clean brush. 

Additionally, apply the highlighter in a line down the centre of the nose, adding an additional bit of highlight to the tip of the nose. Then highlight the inner corners of the eyes to brighten them up. Finally, apply a small amount of highlighter to your cupid's bow.

20. Apply your choice of lipstick: I use the Revolution Retro Luxe Metallic Lip Kit in the shade We Rule.


To finish off your look, apply a lip liner that matches the colour of you lipstick. The Revolution Lip Kit comes with a lip liner specifically created for the lipstick, which is very useful. I like to fill in all my lips, not just the outline, to order to create a good base so the lipstick will stay on and look evenly coloured throughout. 

Then apply the lipstick on top, ensuring that you keep within the lines of your lips. If you go over these lines or the edges look a little messy, go around your lip with a concealer that matches your skin tone.

And finally your makeup is complete!

I hope you all enjoyed reading this tutorial, let me know if you did in the comments! Also, feel free to ask for clarification on any of the steps listed above in the comments. I'm considering making a YouTube video going through this look, so (depending on the feedback I receive and whether I get enough requests for it) I might make that soon. If anyone would like to try out this look by following my guide then send me (at emma.k.smart@btinternet.com) or tag me (on Instagram @esmartie) in a picture of the finished masterpiece, I'd love to see it! I will give the best ones a shout out in my next blog post.


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