My First Blog Post

Welcome to my blog, Emma Beauty Bella.

I have spent several weeks debating what my first blog post should be about. Should I do a makeup review (seeing as this is the direction I want my blog to eventually go)? Would a brief introduction be better? Or would a post titled 'what is your inner potato' be more likely to inspire? (Yes, BuzzFeed did actually publish an article about this.)

However, after writing, rewriting and deleting several posts over the last month , I decided instead to write a post acknowledging how hard it is to write your first post. Starting a blog is a long journey of discovering what you want to write and how you want to write it. It's ok not to know how to get started, the important thing is that you just chuck words onto the page, and hope they are coherent enough to get the job done. This, I have decided, is the highest I will aim for in my first post.

My interest in blogging began around a year ago, back when I knew very little about it. The picture in my head of what a blogger was (essentially a 20-something-year-old girl, sitting on her white bed surrounded by fluffy cushions, wearing a white knitted jumper, balancing a cup of coffee in her perfectly manicured hands, whilst posting with calm keyboard strokes) did not match the reality of who I was (a teenager, buried under purple covers, surrounded by a disappointing lack of cushions, dressed with a distinct lack of fashion sense, hating coffee, typing furiously away at her laptop). Little has changed to be honest, except perhaps the acquisition of some really lovely cushions. And yet, here I am, writing a blog post.

Feel free to follow me and this blog, though at the moment I am not certain what I will be posting about. I have some rough ideas: makeup product reviews (god knows I have enough makeup products to supply me with a lifetime worth of content), book/film reviews, and some random (and probably quite pointless) posts like this one, if and when I feel like it. Perhaps one day I'll even help you discover your inner potato.

Anyway, I am happy to say I am now officially a blogger! Weird. Seems it wasn't so hard after all.


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